Welcome to the cyberspace home of Ray and Diane.

Its not too often you can get your cyberspace address to match your realworld address. We did!

About our realworld address:

In October of 2017 we bought this property in South Kingstown, RI, complete with a little over 12 acres of rock walls, fields and a few trees. It also hosts a Historical Cemetery, #13 in South Kingstown to be exact. The 1972 John Deere tractor was also included when Ray asked the owner if he would part with it!

One of the motivations to buy here was so Ray could build his 'dream' workshop, a 30x40 timber frame barn. The timbers arrived in March of 2018 and Ray spent several months in the garage, cutting them to length and creating the mortise and tenon joints that would hold them in place. Photos of the barn raising can be found over in the links section of this page. A more complete documentation, with more photos, will be done soon. (Like we don't have enough projects!!)

Of course he couldn't just work on 'the barn.' Diane and Ray wanted a garden so we built one, about 30' x 50' with 8 raised beds and a fence around it and some shrubbery on the south side. 1st year we've had a 'real' garden and the crops were abundant, 15 well fertilized tomato plants produce a boat load and a half of tomatoes! We had some strawberries, some peas, and a lot of potatoes and squash. Diane is taking an extension course at URI this year so we can have a little more organized garden.

We also wanted to update the existing house and add a 'master suite' to its west side. That expanded to moving the kitchen to the current family room (with a new cathedral roof) adding a pantry and mud room/laundry and a 2 1/2 car garage! We also replaced all the flooring on the 1st floor with wide southern pine and added a 40' covered 'farmer's porch' to the front. Photos soon!

In the middle of all this construction and gardnening etc. we hosted Ian and Alli's wedding in September, 2018! Around 130 guests, a very large tent and a great DJ - a fun time for all. Photos soon!